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About Us

123-parking is a domain name parking service from 123-reg, one of the UK's biggest domain name and web hosting companies.

Domain parking is a great way to make use of domain names which don't currently point at a website.

Our parking service creates special web pages which are displayed at your domain name. These pages contain relevant adverts. You get paid each time a visitor clicks those adverts.

It's easy to get started - take a tour now.

Our system

Our team of expert developers has created a state of the art domain parking system from scratch. It can automatically optimise a parked domain name to display highly appropriate ads, and maximise the number of clicks.

Doing this benefits both our customers (who earn more money), and general internet users (who are more easily enable to find what they want online).

Our company

We're part of 123-reg, a large UK web hosting offering domain names, hosting and other related services. We were first established in 2000, and since then we've amassed heaps of expertise in this industry.

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